MBW F36/4 Walk Behind Power Trowel

The MBW F36/4 is a 36 inch walk behind power trowel or ‘float for concrete finishing.

The operator’s safety, comfort and productivity were essential considerations in the MBW trowel design. Each MBW trowel is balanced with regard to engine location for excellent performance and reduced operator fatigue.The handles are adjustable to fit the operator more comfortably and absorb the trowel’s torque. They are up to 6” longer than most competitors products for greater leverage. All handle materials are heavy gauge and do not require gusseting at critical fastening points.

Basic operating and safety instructions are prominently displayed. MBW’s heavier handle and stronger guard ring give extra safety. The stop switch is fully enclosed, durable and with cables housed at their most vulnerable positions.Solid throttle wire housed in low friction Teflon-lined casing for smooth operation and low maintenance. Galvanised steel tilting cable with low friction pulleys within handle/clevis assembly. No wear surfaces to snag or abraid cable. Handle, stop switch, rotating and stationary guardings industrial chrome plated for easy maintenance.


  • Engine options: Honda GX160 5.5HP (4.1 KW) / HONDA GX240 8HP (6 KW)
  • Trowel Speed: 70-135 rpm
  • Height – approx 69cm
  • Ring diameter: 91cm
  • Cast aluminum alloy gearbox housing with reinforced construction and cooling fins for rapid dissipation of heat.
  • Vertical Shaft Assembly with heavier flange and hubs for greater support
  • Heavy duty high load capacity bearings add to gear box longevity
  • Worm shaft assembly precision machined from solid stock
  • Hexagonal arm to blade surface is precision milled for near perfect blade alignment
  • Pressure plate assembly utilises greasable thrust bearings for little or no RPM variation
  • Tilt arm assembly with industry’s heaviest material both in hex stock and larger diameter machined ends
  • Spider assembly is 15% heavier than competitor models with thicker walls around all bores
  • Industrial grade 45 degree grease fittings and hardware throughout
  • Teflon lined steel bore inserts ensures long life

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